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Benefits of Eating Raw Vegetables?

Benefits of Eating Raw Vegetables?

When you are trying to eat healthier, adding more veggies to your diet is a no-brainer. Not only are vegetables low in calories, but they are also high in fiber, vitamin C, potassium, and a range of antioxidants that benefit your health.
And the truth is, vegetables are healthy (almost) however you cook them. Sure, fried potatoes or broccoli smothered in cheese aren't the best way to eat healthily, but any sauteed, roasted, steamed, grilled, broiled or braised vegetables are likely to be healthy.
However, eating veggies raw does have some special benefits. While you shouldn't stress over minute differences in nutrient content between cooked and raw veggies – simply eating several servings of veggies a day is probably fine – there are few reasons why you might opt for raw produce.
More Water-Soluble Vitamins
One of the biggest benefits of eating veggies raw is higher vitamin content. Some nutrients, like vitamin C, start to break down when they are exposed to heat, or they can leach out of your veggies and into the cooking water. That means that, for example, that boiled cauliflower is likely to have less vitamin C than raw cauliflower.
Eating your veggies raw means you'll likely get more water-soluble nutrients – vitamin C, and B vitamins – than from eating cooked vegetables. However, even cooked veggies can supply plenty of vitamin C, so you can still meet your needs over the course of the day.
More Antioxidants
One of the reasons veggies are so great for you is their antioxidant content. But like vitamin C, antioxidants can break down during cooking. Some water-soluble antioxidants might leach into the water as your vegetables cook, while other antioxidants might be neutralized by cooking oil, which naturally starts to oxidize as you cook. Eating raw veggies at the peak of their ripeness helps you get the most antioxidant bang for your buck.
Different Textures for More Variety
One of the benefits of eating raw veggies isn't related to nutrient content – it's simply another way to eat vegetables to include more variety in your diet. If you usually include a side of roasted broccoli with dinner, serving up a raw broccoli slaw instead can add a pleasant crunch and make your dinner feel fresh and new.
Likewise, replacing steamed spinach with a leafy spinach salad every once and a while mixes up your meal plan and gives you a chance to enjoy other seasonal produce (peach and almond spinach salad, anyone?) The more healthy vegetable dishes you can include in your diet, the more you will be able to avoid boredom.
The Downsides of Eating Veggies Raw
While raw veggies have a place in any healthy diet, there are some benefits to cooking, too. Some nutrients become more bioavailable when cooked. Carrots, for example, have more bioavailable beta-carotene – a source of vitamin A – when they are cooked than when they are raw. And lycopene, the antioxidant that helps make tomatoes red, is best absorbed when cooked.
So eat your veggies cooked via a range of healthy methods – steaming, roasting, grilling, and so on – as well as raw. A variety of cooking methods, as well as a variety of foods, are the keys to a well-rounded diet that delivers the nutrients you need.

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